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  1. eLIBRARY ID: 41848528 STRONG RELIGION AND NATIONAL SENTIMENT - A CASE STUDY INQUIRY FROM GERMANY MICHEL O.V. Тип: статья в журнале - научная статья Язык: английский Том: 8 Год: 2019 Страницы: 56-58 ЖУРНАЛ: SOCIOLOGY OF RELIGION IN THE LATE MODERN SOCIETY Издательство: Белгородский государственный национальный исследовательский университет (Белгород) ISSN: 2411-2089 КЛЮЧЕВЫЕ СЛОВА: HOLY NATIONALISM, FUNDAMENTALISM, RELIGIOUS WORLD-DENYING, CONFLICT, POSITIONING, IDENTITY, ETHNIE, NATION АННОТАЦИЯ: This contribution discusses the possible interrelations between the strongly religious identity and other intersecting codes of self-determination such as an ethnie and a nation. It identifies the factor of religious world-denying as crucial for understanding identity politics employed by fundamentalist actors in their positioning to the organizational environment, understood as “the sinful world”. This factor explains the character of positioning towards “different others”, i.e. people with different religious and ethno-national identity features or with dissenting lifestyles and dissenting worldviews. The study provides a case analysis involving a strongly religious, ultra-conservative movement from Germany: On the grounds of this case, it explains the role of religious world-denying in identity politics of strongly religious actors and in their conflictive positioning towards “the world” and “the different” perceived in opposition to the ‘divine plan of salvation for the people of God’. Ольга Михель_Strong Religion.pdf
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