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Социология религии. Социолого-религиоведческий портал

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                                        PRÁVNICKÁ FAKULTA

                                                         ÚSTAV  PRE PRÁVNE  OTÁZKY                                                           NÁBOŽENSKEJ  SLOBODY 




Dear Colleague,

in connection with the research in the framework of the grant project VEGA 1/0254/16 Financing of Churches and Religious Societies  
in partnership with

 Institute for Confessional Law and State-Church Relations of Uzhgorod National University in Uzhhorod
we invite you
to participate actively in the scientific conference

Economic aspects of State-Church Relations

which will take place
 20. 9. 2018 9.30 - 12.00
21. 9. 2018  14:00 – 17.30

in the Collegium Novum meeting room

Faculty of Law, Trnava University of Trnava
Kollárova ul. no. 10, 2nd floor


The conference will focus on models of economic support of churches and religious societies, with special regard to our geographical area and especially to post-communist countries and the Slovak Republic. Comparisons with other countries and other specific contributions related to the topic of financing of Churches   are also welcome.
The aim of the event is to bring closer the good practices as a helpful matrix for the new model of financing of Churches in the Slovak Republic and to draw up concrete proposals.

 Due to your extraordinary scientific reputation, we believe that your contribution will be enriching for the upcoming event.

We cordially invite you to participate actively in this scientific conference. Please confirm your participation and announce the name of your paper at: moravcikova@gmail.com no later than 10 August 2018.

Consequently, a conference program will be drawn up, about which you will be separately informed.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you.

Yours sincerely


                                                                        ThLic. Mgr. Michaela Moravčíková, Th.D.                                           


                                                          of the Institute for Legal Aspect of Religuious Freedom


* korešpondenčná adresa

( telefón


IČO  31825249


        + 421 33 5939 601


IČ DPH   SK 2021177202

      Hornopotočná 23        

        + 421 905 587784



      918 43 TRNAVA  -  SK

fax   + 421 33 5513 021

e-mail   prf@truni.sk



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