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Социология религии. Социолого-религиоведческий портал

НАШ ПРОЕКТ ГОДА: "Обсуждая религии в глобализирующемся мире. Тренды, изменения и новации"

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Discussing religions in a globalized world. Trends, changes and novelties [URL: http://rrsociology.ru/journal/annotation/2151/]. 

Научный результат. Социология и управление Том 6, Выпуск №3, 2020
[URL: http://rrsociology.ru/journal/issue/3-25-2020/].


Roberto Cipriani and Roberta Ricucci, “Introduction” (Eng.)

Mirko Blagojević and Vladimir Bakrač (Vladimir Bakrac),

“Dynamics of people’s attachment to the (Orthodox) religion and the church in Serbia” (Eng.)

Ivan V. Pavlyutkin (Иван Павлюткин),

“Dynamics of the religiosity of youth in Russia” (Rus.)

Dmitry A. Markov,

“Fertile attitudes of modern clergy families of the Russian Orthodox Church: the typological experience” (Rus.)

Nemanja Vukcević (Неманя Вукчевич),

“Analysis of the relationship of migration and religion in sociological research on the materials of the republic of Serbia” (Rus.)

Roberta Ricucci,

“Growing up in the shadow of the Holy Shroud. Muslims’ second generations in Italy” (Eng.)
Svetlana V. Ryazanova (
Svetlana Ryazanova) and Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela ,

“Trauma as a heritage: the experience of believers’ perception” (Rus.)

Nicola Jorshevski,

“Theoretical and empirical framework of connection between political Islam and consociational democracy” (Eng.)

Valentina B. Isaeva and Konstantin S. Divisenko (Константин Дивисенко),

“Typology of conversion to Western Buddhism from the perspective of the concept of the social mechanism of religious conversion” (Rus.)

Deacon Nenad M. Jovanovich (Nenad Miodragov Jovanovic),

“Religion, politics and challenges of contemporary European identity” (Eng.)

Victor V. Sukhorukov (Виктор Сухоруков),

“New logical bases for research of Orthodox churchliness” (Eng.)

Helena V. Prutskova, Kirill V. Markin and Polina V. Vrublevskaya,

“‘Q-methodology’ in the study of "weak" religiosity” (Rus.)
Helena D. Rutkevich,

“ ‘Religion’, ‘No religion’ and ‘Spirituality’ of the “‘Nones’: Issues of definition and study” (Rus.).




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