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  1. Volume X (No. 1) - Spring 2016. Contents The Word of the Guest Editor TOPIC OF THIS ISSUE RELIGION AND POLITICS IN RUSSIA Valentina Slobozhnikova The Religious Factor in Party Creation of Modern Russia Sergej D. Lebedev The Socio-Political Bases of Confessionaly Focused Practices of Religious Studies in Russian Education Polina A. Borisova Church and Religious Organizations Participation in Public Life of Russian Society Nikolay V. Shilov Ethno-Confessional Processes in the Republic of Mordovia at the Beginning of XXI Century (in the Context of Social Partnership Confessions and the State) Tembulat Gjatov Religious Extremists in Northern Caucasus: Criminal Set ANALYSIS Zhan T. Toshchenko State and Religion: Problems of Interaction Аlexey G. Chernyshov Managing Religious Consciousness and Creeds in the Modern Era REVIEWS, CRITICAL VIEWS AND POLEMICS Elena A. Irsetskays The Religious Dimension of Journalism Anna Goloseyeva Buddhist Communities of Saint-Petersburg http://www.politicsandreligionjournal.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=75%3A-x--1--2016&catid=6%3Aizdanja&Itemid=3&lang=en The Editors Introduction.pdf
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